Episode 0007: P.J. Dixon – The Love Guru

In episode #7 of Charles And Linda Interviews, we talk to P.J “The Love Guru” Dixon, Founder at “P.J.’s Wisdom” and “Learning to Love”.

Video #1:

Snow Skier, Skydiver, Amateur Water Colorist, Former Wheelchair Athlete, 10th Degree Black Belt, Women’s Self-Defense Instructor, International Traveler, Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Success Strategist, and Self-Professed Advocate of Love!

Despite his disability — P.J.’s lived a better life than most able-bodied people!

Why is P.J. called the love guru? Check out video #1 to learn why!

Video #2:

Learn what P.J.’s 4-step process is on video #2.

  1. Become open and receptive
  2. Awareness
  3. Appreciate
  4. Gratitude
  5. Understand unconditional love

Video #3

Service to each other is power! Men and women need power to live and survive. Check out video #3 to learn the differences of the power needs between men and women!

P.J.’s definition of Love – “The willing exchange of oneself for oneness!”

Video #4

Check out video #4 and see what a duck has to do with it.

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