Episode 0008: Robb Braun Business Tips for Entrepreneurs

In episode #8 of Charles And Linda Interviews, we talk to Robb Braun, founder and President of The Leadership Source™.

Robb has over 25 years experience as a personal development professional. He’s an experienced leader who has led and developed over 50,000 participants in personal growth and corporate trainings throughout the United States and overseas.

What is “Recovery Time” and how can you use to accelerate your results? Why does Tony Robbins say thank you to obstacles?

Robb Braun’s “The Leadership Source™” is a training company providing leadership, management and staff development training and executive level coaching for the corporate sector. The Leadership Source™ provides solid tools and direction to individuals and teams in the realm of business and leadership development.

The mission of The Leadership Source™ is to provide business owners, managers and the people that follow methods in maximizing the talents of their team members.

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What’s a common obstacle for Entrepreneurs and business owners? You’ve got to learn about people and be in good relationship with them. Why you should Brainstorm consistently and often. There’s a lot to learn form the hospitality industry. Service like the Ritz is a game changer.

The 30-day look back and the 90-day look ahead. The benefit of quitting every job. Protect yourself by not being influenced by what the world is doing. Be more than different!

Robb’s very personal life has been filled with incredible experiences and gifts for personal growth and awareness.

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