Episode 0010: Simon Smart of Warrior Protocol – Be a better man, husband, and dad

In episode #10 of Charles And Linda Interviews, we talk to Simon Smart, founder of Warrior Protocol, who shares insight on his “The Crucible” program and how to be a better man, husband, and dad.

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Simon Smart believes that the results you experience in your life are not a consequence of your decision or actions, but instead the inevitable outcome of WHO YOU ARE and who you build yourself into. CONFIDENCE, CONVICTION, CONNECTION AND CAPACITY plus the ability to maintain RESILIENCE are the drivers of full spectrum success.

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At age 21, Simon turned his back on a legal career to live in Japan deepening his understanding and practice of old combat martial arts, a journey that ultimately lead him through years of training in mediation, body-mind integration and warriorship.

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After years of training US soldiers, Simon met his wife and moved full time to the United States just as the economy crumbled in 2008. After spending 2 years working with violent crime and sex crime victims, this led to a new focus on sales, marketing, consulting and winning awards in the corporate world.

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A very acute and personal battle with depression resulted in deep study of nutrition, exercise, western personal development, NLP and the challenges faced by high achieving men in the modern world.

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Simon’s focus is now on coaching men to experience power, presence and the performance needed to create massive results across all areas of life, in health, relationships, business, and purpose.

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One of our roles and responsibilities as men, husbands, and dads should be is to create a safe bubble for those around us especially our spouses/partners and sons and daughters.

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The ONE THING which will affect who your son becomes, is who you are. The ONE THING which determines who your daughter ends up with, is who you are.

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Why jump out of an airplane?

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As a father you are to be a Sinsei.

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What is Warrior Protocol?

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What does a Warrior Protocol weekend at The Crucible look like?

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